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Matt Toole is a maker, teacher and explorer. He often wanders the woods and rivers of Savannah, Georgia.

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Poetic Interpretation of the Exhibition, Transformative Processes: The Sculptural Work of Matt Toole

by Aimee Serafin

Westabou Festival / University of Augusta, Mary S. Byrd Gallery, 2017


Under a cloche
Where inside is stowed
A craftsmen’s wooded garden
Rests a boy
Along a river’s bend

His fingertips scratch
Identities of growth
And with them he shows
Of 3rd and 4th generations

Mayzie birds
In crisscrossed turns
Circle high above him

They spy his heart
Sputter and start,
Aglow from inside among them

Ne’er a fret or worry
For Master or art
Ever tainting
Torrential seasons
For any of the reasons

Instead in verdant soil
Sweetened by marsh’s breeze
This tinyscape,
Alone and alive,
Is warmly surrounded

With thoughts,
Intuition and deep understanding
That this dome-shaped sphere,
A powerful
Rasion d’être, is his oak tree of abiding







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